Broken families and marriages


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In this section, you will find testimonies, case studies and reports about marriages, relationships and families that have been broken by the MCGI/ADD cult. This is really a tough situation. Few of the people getting involved with the Soriano’s followers are willing to lose their marriage over it. Many of those who end up in divorce/separation just don’t know what to do; they felt helpless and hopeless. Though some say every person has a free will and we shouldn’t force our view on them, it should be recognized that those getting caught up in the MCGI are victims of specific mind control tactics, and do not actually operate under a “free will.” 

One should also not neglect seeing a marriage counselor. For women, remember, your enemy is Satan—not your husband (Ephesians 6:12). Your husband has been trapped by Satan and is held captive by him to do his will (2 Timothy 2:26). Your husband is under mind control of the MCGI and doesn’t realize how duped he has become.  Pray for him, work with the marriage and witness by your life.

Here are a few guidelines to remember:

  • DON’T call your mate names, don’t tell them they are in a cult. Avoid any accusatory language or mannerisms. Control your temper!
  • DON’T give them a lot of literature to read against the MCGI/ADD unless you really believe they will read it; they will usually perceive it as an attack and “close up.”
  • DON’T threaten them with divorce or taking the kids away, etc. Let them know you love them and stand beside them, not against them.
  • DON’T say things against the MGCI you cannot substantiate, or they will not take you seriously.
  • DO read all you can about cults, mind control methods, and the history of the MCGI. Being well-informed and comfortable with what you know will be both impressive to your mate and will help you to be secure in what you believe. This makes the MCGI less threatening to you!
  • DO adopt a “questioning” attitude, not being overly critical but concerned and interested in what they are learning. Show them you are interested in the truth as well.
  • DO try and arrange for ex-members of other cults to join in a casual dinner or evening time, letting them share their experiences in a group OTHER than MCGI members. (The doubts that others had about their own groups will help your mate’s own doubts to resurface.)
  • DO be patient and pray for your mate. Some MCGI end up leaving the group after a number of years. If they are willing to THINK and DISCUSS, there is hope, and even if they seem obstinate now, they may very well change later. 

Here are some articles, testimonies and reports to get you started;


Relationships with ADD guys ended up with them cheating on me

testimony 2

Testimony 2


Testimony 3

testimony 3



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