Bag of Tricks



Religious cults are esoteric organizations based on business schemes engaging in unorthodox practices disguised as Christianity. Business schemes that are based on religion have obviously worked for the Ang Dating Daan Cult. Eli Soriano is using religious economic power through misusing the Bible to build his esoteric organization known as the MCGI or the Ang  Dating Daan. For that reason, his cult is increasing becoming known as a destructive and deceptive cult that uses devious business schemes, mind control techniques and teaches false, twisted Christianity that has adversely affected and impaired the lives of hundreds of his followers,causing much mental anguish and suffering into their lives.

According to Cult watch, cults are wonderful on the outside but on the inside are very manipulative.

Cult watch:

“They are after your obedience, your time and your money. Cults use sophisticated mind control and recruitment techniques that have been refined over time. Beware of thinking that you are immune from cult involvement; the cults have millions of members around the world who once thought they were immune, and still don’t know they are in a cult!”

Cult watch adds on;

“Cult leaders don’t want you to know that you are being recruited into a cult and so they order their recruiters to dress, talk and act in a way that will put you at ease. One cult has even invented a phrase to describe this; they call it “being relatable”

On deceptive recruitment Cult Watch says;

“A cult needs to recruit and operate using deception. Why? Because if people knew their true practices and beliefs beforehand then they would not join. A cult needs to hide the truth from you until they think you are ready to accept it.”

Visit ( to discover more.

At close observation, all the above fits with Soriano’s cult. The ADD is wonderful on the outside but very dark and dangerous inside. The leaders of this deceitful cult masterfully paint flawless “Christian” reputations for their followers, glazing the surface to conceal deep rooted hatred. Inflammatory statements of hatred are enforced within this cult, followers are told to believe in what Soriano teaches them without doubt (no matter how wrong they are) and continuous condemning of all other religions is readily seen. This dangerous and destructive atmosphere is harmful and can do an enormous amount of damage in society.

Through examining the following information one can transparently determine that the supposed “truth” from Soriano’s cult is nothing more than spiritual poison clouding the minds of loyal followers and preventing them from leaving this satanic multi-million dollar business.


This devious trick utilized by the Ang Dating Daan is amazingly apparent and easily detected. The cult cautiously articulates biased and one dimensional arguments in their favor with the intent to omit pertinent and truthful information. Due to this biased writing style, it impossible for the reader to make a wise decision on an unclear teaching and move forward with the real truth. The ADD cult’s slanted arguments are irrelevant and incomplete by deliberately concealing truthful evidence. Here is an example from Soriano;

In one of his blogs, he said;

“One is the past Pope Benedict XVI or Joseph Aloisius Ratzinger who said there is substantial scientific proof of the theory of evolution. (Philip Pullella, “Pope Benedict admits evidence for evolution,’, Loranzago di Cadore, Italy, July 26, 2007).

With these godless people’s attempt to undermine the Bible that teaches the existence of God, they resort to criticizing and portraying the Bible as a book unscientific and out-dated! They attack some supernatural events that are recorded in the Bible”  (

However, when you look up the source this is what was written;


If we compare the information from above, is the Pope really undermining the Bible? Or Soriano misunderstood what Pope Emeritus said? He dishonesty withdrew information to advance his falsehood and used the source carelessly. Sadly, the source is hardly a credible one that Soriano should be quoting, as the information is biased, and the author is a secular media practioner. The irony of Soriano’s quote is that he attacked his own misrepresentation of the Pope’s words. A straw man’s argument misrepresents a person’s point of view and then attacks the misrepresentation. In the words of the Pope, there is substantial scientific proof of the theory of evolution but again the Pope said evolution did not answer all the questions and could not exclude a role by God.“ Above all it does not answer the great philosophical question ‘where does everything come from? So what is the answer? The answer is that God is responsible for the creation of everything that exists. Evolution just isn’t that important. If it’s true, great. But it just isn’t that important. It doesn’t solve anything that matters and it doesn’t make the slightest difference in terms of salvation, eternal life, etc.

That is just one example of myriad devious writing trickery Soriano uses to dupe his followers into getting trapped in his cult. There are many more. Now the question has to be asked. Since Soriano encourages his followers to take in truth as noted in the Bible, how could they acquire full knowledge through only seeing one side of the evidence?

This trick has been taken on by his followers. When replying in a discourse, they omit parts of your response and falsely claim you said what you did not. They also like to make blanket statements with no credence. For example look at this statement made by one of his aides after she failed a challenge;


She wants to assume that her Lord Bro.Eli is a biblical scholar. Clever deception indeed! Of interest is that Soriano has no training in Biblical languages and he is a high school drop out. Never is he considered a Bible scholar or publicly acknowledged for his Biblical knowledge outside the Ang Dating Daan cult.

These never ending and high praising comments from one of his minions should not convince anyone that this so-called “sensible preacher” who is a homosexual rapist is a Bible Scholar. He never was, has never and will never. He is insensible, a homosexual rapist and a deceptive occult practicing criminal who is currently on the run.Yes, criminals always run from lawsuits.

Another outstanding example of the “Sin of Omission” deals with the ADD’s view towards higher education. This is what Soriano wrote;

“The best education regarding all areas of knowledge and wisdom are available in the Bible. Psychology, science, architecture, nutrition, morals, and everything that will make a man ‘man enough’ to acknowledge his CREATOR are in the pages of the Holy Scriptures.”


Eli Soriano: (Click on the image to enlarge)

This is comical and misleading. This reasoning is misplaced. It is a straw man fallacy, because regardless of how beneficial Biblical education may be best, it does not enable a person to enter many professional occupations.

What can be concluded is that through sin of Omission, Soriano is afraid of his followers to be exposed to the teachings of philosophy,Psychology, science, theology, or Morality that contradict Ang Dating Daan belief. However, many degrees do not cover these areas, nor undermine a man’s perfectness before the sight of God. Thus Soriano’s reasoning is misplaced. By promoting their biased views on pursuing a University education, they intentionally omit the value and importance of receiving one. This is one of the tricks Soriano uses to dupe and trap followers to slavishly devote their time and lives into his cult.

Humble and faithful ADD members are only exposed to the dark and corrupt side of attending a University, unfairly told that the Bible is the best Education and other education is corrupt. What exactly is omitted from the above snap shot articles regarding education? Soriano continues to omit the facts of how beneficial a University education can be. Because of higher learning, millions of individuals are more able to secure and meaningful careers for a better standard of living. Higher education has lifted millions from the doldrums of poverty to a comfortable new life. Why would someone like Soriano down play it? Well that explains why many of his followers are poor and backward. Although financial gain is the predominant factor, the ADD also fears those who become educated because it allows individuals to think for themselves and discuss ADD teachings with educated Biblical scholars who reveal the erroneous doctrines of the Ang Dating Daan. Yes, through deliberately omitting truthful information, the ADD presents biased and non-Biblical views to support their erroneous teachings and to control their followers.


Hypnotic language patterns are utilized repeatedly by Soriano through his blogs and audiences.These carefully crafted language patterns are used to deceptively influence innocent and unarmed readers. This hypnotic language overtly and covertly programs the minds of loyal ADD followers, influencing through obvious words seen consciously right on the page. Hypnotic writings undoubtedly work on the subconscious mind by using the conscious mind to get there. The Ang Dating Daan has been experimenting and playing with mind power from the very beginning and the persuasive tactic of hypnotic writing has obviously worked.

Hypnotic writing is without question the most effective method of retaining members. This trick is evidenced by two principles.


These are statements that claim there is a cause and effect relationship between one thing and another. An ADD member reminded me of this principle when he commented in Splendor asking for clarification; 

“I think we need to know it first so that we may have an idea of what is his answer. It is like a cause-effect relationship if you get what I mean :)”

Then Soriano made such a view in one of his blogs;

“It is possible that a cause can cause an effect” (

In the Ang Dating Daan thinking, the cause of the problem is always anything outside the cult, because everything outside of it is bad and a tool from Satan. The effect of the problem will be disastrous to one if they do not adhere to the MCGI rules. Over time, this constant and repetitive trick is driven deep into the ADD follower’s/reader’s subconscious so that the normal and wholesome pleasantries and activities of life turn ugly and unbearable.

In the ADD, pleasures are condemned including drinking, clubbing, barkada trips, attending concerts, gimmicks, ear piercing etc.


“Being carried away from truth to fables is not as simple as it may seem. It is caused by some hidden and complicated matters, some of which are rejection of truth, the work of an unseen enemy, and pleasures of the flesh!” (

Soriano is saying in essence the cause of the problem is engaging in the normal pleasures of life, which could be very harmful and lead people from the truth. These worldly influences can imperceptibly lodge in the mind and heart. The effect is losing your spirituality and leaving God. Tragically people fall prey to this style of writing. For many, it is slowly embedded in their subconscious so that normal and simple pleasures become abnormal, worldly and evil. Soriano mixes cause effect.

Worldly music, books, parties, picnics, and various other normal pleasures are highly discouraged by the Ang Dating Daan. Soriano’s followers minds are controlled into believing that participation in anything “worldly” will prevent them from having a relationship with God or from pursuing the truth. These slow doses of poison embedded within these writings allow ADD leaders to control their followers and prevent them from leaving the cult. Through these writings, Elisorians believe the cause of the problem is participation with worldly things, and the effect is losing a relationship with God.


Persuasive flattery is a hypnotic writing style that the Dating Daan employs to trick unsuspecting followers. This overused trick infects all of Soriano teachings and MCGI followers, and once exposed to it, this trick becomes blatantly obvious. Statements of persuasive flattery inject ones subconscious mind by inducing and influencing one to totally comply with what is written. Occurring at times without conscious perception, this hypnotic writing style pierces inner thoughts with subtle seduction, forcing the reader to become unyieldingly attentive and ready to obey, with a willingness to serve in a slavish relationship. All humans love complements and are well pleased when they are acknowledged for making wise and right decisions in this world filled with confusion and strife.

The ADD complements their readers, addressing them as “truth seekers“, “Members of Church of God International“, “honest hearted ones“, or “not part of this worldly system“.

Soriano’s followers inner feelings are massaged by this persuasive flattery, in turn they totally submit and agree to what is being said. Followers are hypnotically brought into the dark and dangerous world of the Ang Dating Daan. Yes, the cult takes full advantage of their followers through this persuasive flattery, flattering them with excessive, insincere praise and exaggerated complements. ADD members are redundantly and excessively exposed to persuasive flattery without their conscious mind detecting it.

For example, if a sentence from a Soriano blog/article begins with a flattering title such as: “True Christians…” you must agree with anything stated after that, otherwise you are admitting you are not a true Christian. Here is some prime example of persuasive flattery;

MCGI: A People of Faith and Its Works
 Through clever sentence structure, Soriano and the ADD has always entranced their followers into these hypnotic writings known as persuasive flattery. Through stating “a people of faith and its works” an unsuspecting reader is forced to accept all else that is said, and to disagree with what is said would be admitting they are not a people of faith and its works.

“Bro:Eli: Truth seekers have a right to ask questions” ; “For us not to be included among those who will be misled”


Another example;

“We are informed by the Bible”


From the above, “For us not to be included among those who will be misled“, “Truth seekers have a right to ask questions” and ” We are informed by the Bible“ forces the reader to believe that they can only be these things if they are reading Soriano’s blogs, listening to his live audiences or attending a Bible exposition at their Coordinating centers and are a member of the Ang Dating Daan of which the Writings and shows/teachings are associated.Indeed Soriano did mention it in one of his answers to a questioner.

“It is not my intention that people join me. After all, who am I? I want them to join the church in the Bible”

Interestingly, this is the way Soriano lures unsuspecting people into his cult by employing such devious statements of persuasive flattery. Indeed he did mention such a thing in a response to an SDA member.

“The Church of God is needed for Salvation”


In reality he is referring to his cult and not the Church Christ founded. Indeed on this statement in the article, he embedded a link to his cult(MCGI) -whenever mention of “Church of God” is made so that readers can follow the link and read about his cult. However, MCGI is never mentioned in the Bible and was never founded by God but a man named Nicholas Perez in 1997 in the Philippines.It can not be traced back to the times of the Apostles, its a brand new religious movement just like other cults that have surfaced and disappeared.


The burden of proof is an indispensable instrument for any intellectual exchange in which the participants are seriously committed to the pursuit of truth. Soriano and his cult use this to build a strong case for their Biblical understanding and extreme legalism. Many of the ADD teachings take place in an invisible arena or a delusional world, an arena of existence that has been methodically fabricated. This invisible, empty, and quasi-spiritual world becomes the burden of proof when Soriano and the ADD are backed into a corner. Delusion is employed which is a step further from reality than faith in that it is the deliberate suspension of factual knowledge in favor of belief. Soriano and his cult are a prime example of a religion promoting delusion.  This is the reason why Soriano’s followers say that only Soriano can teach the Bible. He is God’s channel of communication and he is their mouth piece. This does does not need to be proved because;

” preacher of God speaks the words of God; he does not speak without wisdom.”( as one of Soriano’s follower said.

This is not proved rather it is based on fantasy and deep adoration of Soriano.


“It just happens that we really love our preacher, because he really is the ONLY SENSIBLE AND GOD SENT MESSENGER.” (

This would mean that John the Baptist and the Apostles and their successor’s are not God’s messengers.Further, there is no proof provided here that he is the Only sensible and God sent messenger.These are blanket statements and huge ignorant generalizations arising from the fact that they can not prove that Soriano is God’s messenger. Unless they cease believing that Soriano is sent by God, they will remain blinded to their cult deception. Soriano was never sent by God, has never been sent by God and will never be sent by God. He is a successor to Nicholas Perez-both sent themselves.

Soriano and his cult suggest one should steer clear from doubt in what Soriano tells them and avoid independent thinking-a sign of mind control. Followers are told to put their questions or doubts upon a figurative “shelf” and avoid critism of Soriano.  Yes, Soriano’s followers  are brought into a fictional realm of existence, an invented world, a fabricated environment filled with stimulation and image based fantasy. It is in this artificially landscaped world that the ADD gives their empty burden of proof.


This devious trick is used to convince Soriano’s followers that the MCGI/ADD is the “truth” and all other religions are false. The ADD’s teaching is an overly redundant barrage of cynical and negative comments suggesting disgust in all other religious faiths. Soriano and his followers continually expresses severe judgments on all other religions as well as verbally attacking “worldly” organizations, institutions and personalities. This never ending criticism elevates the ADD cult and enrobes its members with a haughty and cocky confidence. This is the very formula the cult uses to induce an ungodly and non-Biblical elitism within their members. Here are some references within Soriano teachings which lambaste all other religions and their leaders;

  “These pastors and preachers are irritated by my untiring exposition of their unbiblical teachings and misleading doctrines” (

“I only blame religious leaders because it is the kind of battle I am engaged with.”


Yes, it is his only battle-engaging in religious attacks. He is not a preacher sent to preach the good news, his mission is that of religious terrorism. This is the EVIL METHOD he uses to dupe gullible followers as well as the only way he defends his cult’s damnable doctrines.No more no less! He is not the first  to do this, various other cults like the Watch Tower,Baptists and Mormons engage in this religious hatred to attract followers.


The ADD is masterful through their use of fallacious statements. Soriano’s followers undeniably accept all the teachings and doctrines within the cult because the dogma appears to be reasonable, acceptable and truthful. However, his teachings are like a flawed product disguised by impressive packaging. Although these teachings appear truthful, they are embodied in fallacy with a deliberate attempt to mislead. Soriano’s teachings are saturated with these fallacious statements in which the error is not obvious. He uses this to masterfully deceive and trick the reader.

“The Holy Bible, as a book written many millennia before our time, is a book that teaches us possibilities and impossibilities.”  (

This is strongly misleading and inaccurate. How many millennia’s have occurred? Only two while we are in the 3rd millennium now. Does this period qualify as “many millenias”? In the same article, he also assumes that the Bible is the  “most exact scientific book of all times”. Sadly he does not quote any verse to prove this. Contrary to what he says, the Bible is a book of faith(John 5:39,Romans 10:17) Hebrews 11:1-13:25 makes it clear. Then,

John 20:31: “But these are written so that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name.”

No where does the Bible say it is a ” Scientific book”. Soriano is lying.

The examples of tricks provided serve as irrefutable proof  that Soriano and his cult teachings are a vital tool to control and manipulate gullible followers. There is one statement that Soriano wrote which could be a wake up call for them;

“It is possible that the Father of Lies is at work with people’s minds, and those he would seduce are those who preferred to be rich and famous – with lies….” (

This also includes Soriano. Looking at what has been discussed, the father of lies is at work in Soriano’s mind.He has seduced him to be rich and famous by using lies to exploit his poor followers with impunity. Many mind control institutions utilize these cheap tricks to trip loyal followers and have them trapped in their cruel cults of which the Ang Dating Daan is one.

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