Commemorating Mama Eli's decade of false preaching!

Commemorating Mama Eli’s decade of false preaching!

If we assume the ADD cult to be a Christian congregation, it won’t even pass the test, as has been shown by what Martin Luther said. This further confirms the assertion of it being a cult. It is not even a cult of Christianity, but a cult of personality under the guise of being a Christian group.

A man who says he and he alone knows the truth should be wearing a straitjacket. Soriano is the man.

Why did Martin Luther leave the Catholic Church? You know how to read but obviously your addled brain can’t understand. That’s why a member of the ADD cult has to have an ID. You think membership in the ADD cult is the same as being part of the Church of Christ.

Pray, tell us benighted souls what Christian congregation is out there that belongs to the “heavenly Church”? Still looking for one, as Soriano claims? This is pure, unadulterated cow dung.

This is a classic ADD deception. They tell us they don’t claim to have arrogated to themselves the label of “true Christians; at the same time they have painted everybody else as apostates. They don’t claim Soriano is the greatest man since St. Paul; at the same time they claim that this demagogue alone “understands” the scriptures.

The workers of Soriano do not receive salaries. Wow! Ever heard of the technical meaning of “remuneration”? Go ask your friendly BIR examiner what remuneration means. You’ll probably get slapped with income tax deficiency for everything you received from Soriano. Don’t try to deceive the readers, Bradpauld. We’re not your average proof-texting posters.

ADD members = ADDers = Sorianite Christians. Which term do you prefer?

Yes you are. You are follower of Eli Soriano’s version of Christianity, whether you like it or not. Therefore, Sorianites. As in the following:

* Followers of Marcion (2nd century cult leader), Marcionites.
* Followers of John Wesley, Wesleyans.
* Followers of Martin Luther, Lutherans.
* Followers of Baptist, Baptists.
* Followers of Eliseo Soriano, Sorianites.

Anung masama dun???

Sorry but the term “ADD members” is just too impractical & lacks personality. The term “Members of the Church of God in Christ Jesus” is just to general and actually really refers to all self-professed Christians. Nope, “Sorianite Christian” will do just fine for you folks. Perhaps you prefer akolouthos’s proposed term, ADDers?

Onward Soriano apes!

The ADD cult is spending a major portion of their tv air time trading charges with the INC and it can’t even give credible answers to half the INC charges. Now it is ready to take on Islam?

An Adder said:

Aba eh kung totoo yan, bakit naman wala pa yata akong nakitang pumunta dun sa SBN21 na muslim na nakikipag kasundo sa isang maginoong debate sa TV?

The bravado of an Adder.

Let’s first see you devote ONE SHOW to maligning the Muslims the way you malign Christians then we’ll see how many Ahmeds will pay you a visit at SBN21. The truth is, the ADD cult is not about religion, but about the glorification of Soriano. It is content with attacking other Christian groups to fool some members into joining his cult. It is as silent as the putrid mouth of a whitewashed tomb when it comes to issues between Christianity and Islam.

If we are to believe that we are in a period of historic confrontation between Christianity and Islam, what has this cult done to substantiate its false claim to be the ONLY TRUE CHRISTIAN group? It dares to attack the Pope in Rome but dare not attack an Imam in a Quiapo mosque who has a totally different concept of God or Allah. It ridicules the INC on how the Sta. Cena is to be observed but dares not ridicule the Muslims on how they observe Ramadan.

Let us see Soriano and his cultists lead the new crusade against the Muslims. Oh how we love to hear Soriano call an Imam “g*ago” for being ignorant of the Bible. Oh how we love to see Soriano mimic an Imam as he calls the faithful to prayer the way he mimics born-again Christians in their worship. Oh how we love to watch Soriano read from the Quran in Arabic and use this to prove the Allah is a false God.

You little Soriano apes, if and when you have done what was mentioned will the cult tag be removed from your group. Until then, just be content with being called a cult, will you?

How to set up your own cult personality

Part I – The Outer Shell. Set up a veneer of Christianity as a front for your cult. Mix 80% Christian doctrines with 20% heresies. Plagiarize. Adopt a bigoted fundamentalist stance.

To really get your cult going, growing and glowing (our apologies to the infant milk company) apply the following techniques:

1. Make use of mass media. This is what separates the men from the boys – whether you become just another Philippine Benevolent Missionaries Association, a cult based in Surigao, or the “challenger” to the Iglesia ni Cristo. Don’t bother with the humongous expenses of running a tv show. Don’t bother with lawsuits on bounced checks. Borrow money at usurious rates. The alternative is oblivion. Without mass media, you might as well be like the Mistica sect of Isabel Suarez at Mt. Banahaw- 50,000 members but unknown. But you want to be famous, right?

2. Be controversial. Get talked about. This is not about principles or doctrines. This is about media mileage. Imagine having a tv program devoted exclusively to exposing your stupidity? So what?! You become famous for your idiocy but famous nonetheless – that’s what counts.

3. Keep everything centralized. Order the members come to you to hear your arrant nonsense every week. Feel the warm satisfaction of seeing them sing and dance for you. Tell them it’s Thanksgiving to God and it’s got to be done at your place. Feel your spirits being lifted as the members tearfully pray for God’s protection for you. What a feeling!

4. Keep everything in your name. In the event some naïve members start really believing that you are a religious group and try to depose you for your heresies, they’ve got nothing. The corporation is in your name. The land title is in your name. The businesses are all in your name. They can make “layas” but they can’t carry away anything (the security guards will make sure of that). Having a convention center paid for by members sitting on your land was a stroke of genius. Let them try to carry that away.

5. Keep a tight rein on money. Any member in need of money has to come running to you. You can be the benevolent “Ingkong” by giving away money that belongs to the members in the first place. Tell them it’s your personal money from your businesses. Good thing St. Paul was a tentmaker so you’ve got the Biblical justification (no matter how overstretched ) for dipping your hand in all kinds of businesses.
6. Keep everything within the family. What’s the point of slaving all your life if you are going the way of Stalin? To preserve your memory, have a relative lined up as your successor in case God is so wise as to make you childless. You should learn the lesson from the Levita Gugulan affair.

Now go and be the false prophet that you are.

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