He is always a coward and a disgrace to humanity

He is always a coward and a disgrace to humanity

In a conversation with followers of Eli Soriano, you often encounter assertions like “If you are confident, why don’t you agree to debate Bro.Eli Soriano”. They talk as if any one has refused to debate their leader. What these minions of Soriano really mean is debating Mama Eli on  TV , on Twitter or their coordinating Centres.

When ADD members talk of debate, it does not mean a public debate with moderation. This is what we call “loaded language” in cult vocabulary. In cults, a new vocabulary emerges within the context of the group. Group members “think” within the very abstract and narrow parameters of the group’s doctrine. The terminology sufficiently stops members from thinking critically by reinforcing a “black and white” mentality. These words trigger a predefined understanding in followers minds.

For example, the word “truth” in the MCGI is understood as a monopoly to MCGI and followers believe that there is no truth outside the MCGI. This is also known as thought control-a common feature of cults. This relates to forcing a belief that the group alone teaches “truth” and sustained by black and white thinking and loaded language. The doctrines of the leaders must not be questioned, and alternative viewpoints are forbidden.

Is Soriano unbeatable in a debate?

Only in the minds of Soriano’s followers. If he is unbeatable, why is he not in many Christian Apologetics groups and forums? Or why he is not here in Splendor? The reason why they think he is unbeatable is that they are fooled by confrontations Soriano has on his Twitter page and videos in which Soriano is only capable of yelling instead of paying attention to what his opponent is saying. Also he captivates his followers with memorization of verses.

So what? Even the Devil knows about the Bible and can memorize it. Memorizing it isn’t really a qualification for a true preacher or an expert debater. It’s only his and his members’ illusions that he’s unbeatable. He is supposedly unbeatable because he takes a loopy view of passages.He doesn’t even seem to understand most of the things he memorizes.


When Bro.Duane Yan issued a debate challenge to Soriano, what did the self-proclaimed “Sensible preacher” of the Ang Dating Daan say? He went into embarrassing excuses that Bro.Duane has to first seek authorization from the Pope! Ha ha ha! This was too embarrassing for him because he knows up to this time that he will loose. And BTW, Soriano was defeated by Dr.Grady in his first ever experience of real debate.

Since then, the self-Proclaimed “Sensible preacher” is afraid to engage in any public debate. When he does, he handpicks weak personalities whom he insults and yells at(may be it is a propaganda). As a result, his handpicked fellow who has really no idea  about Soriano’s tactics will be prompted to either abandon the subject that he started or admit “defeat”.

As a consequence, many of Soriano’s followers will immediately assume that their self-styled messenger “won” the religious debate not knowing that it was just his being a skilled heckler that made him triumph.

Is Soriano capable of debating?

NO! Soriano is clearly incapable of debating.He has a reputation engaging in common rhetorical fallacies, abuse and yelling and focusing on minor word details propelling him to neglect the whole subject of the debate and move on to other meaningless issues. Soriano’s cowardliness is also seen when he insists that debate has to be in his Coordinating centers, You Tube or his Twitter page! Who said that debate is  only  carried in an MCGI Coordinating center, You Tube or Twitter? Such debates are only for cowards like Soriano.

No one has refused to debate Soriano. He just has to accept debate challenges in a neutral place-which has to be a public arena where rules are set with a moderator at hand. Then we can see really if the self-proclaimed “sensible preacher” of the ADD can win the debate. But before he  does that, let him first come out from his hiding den. In reality, a verse from the Bible will not work to refute the claims that  Eli Soriano is the lying, scheming, raping, manipulative, false preacher leader of a cult that many of his followers have sadly fallen into.

All the stuff from his followers proclaiming how great he is simply empty talk. I am telling you-If Soriano was here in Uganda, his cult would already be shut up for being a dangerous and destructive. His TV programs would be shut down for promoting falsehood and hate speech.Have you not heard of the Uganda Police closing Muslim Madarasa schools for indoctrination of minors? That is exactly what would happen to Soriano if he dared step here.

He is better served to preaching to his own kind-ignorant people like him who can not tell the difference between wrong and right interpretations. Everything they say proves that they are in a cult.The more they try to deny that they are in a cult, the more they prove that they are in one  and the more they try to prove otherwise by saying stuff that actually proves the point through spewing stuff that would be fine to share with the noble people at Cult watch-as well as any new fanatics who might be gullible to such trappings as the closet homosexual rapist who bilks his followers out of money in order to line his own pockets; the man who claims to be speaking from the Bible yet who not only makes up his own interpretations as he goes along, but is actually going against what the Bible teaches regarding the worshiping of anybody else other than Jesus as Savior.

Soriano’s brainwashed followers

I have actually engaged many of them and all they do is abuse me. When you question their beliefs, they will put you down first by making personal attacks, then proceed with explaining their doctrines. Perhaps that’s the way Soriano has trained them. Well, that is mental manipulation because members know things are wrong but are told it is wrong to admit that to themselves! This kind of confusion keeps these sorry followers trapped in the cult. They are also forbidden to research outside the MCGI during Mass Indoctrination services. Discouragement of external research and higher education is coupled with the provision of deceptive information, issuance of false rhetoric and manipulative dishonesty to their followers.

The MCGI also utilizes Phobia indoctrination where Soriano’s followers are scared with fear to keep doing as required in order to keep them into the cult. Separation from the cult is feared.These brainwashed followers are not living a normal life.

And let us not forget this anyway, the most powerful and greatest Church in the Philippines is Catholic Church! MCGI/ADD is just a bonafide cult with a leader on the run for his crimes!

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