Our mission is to expose the real truth behind the destructive cult known as the Members of Church of God International or the Ang Dating Daan and to help Soriano’s followers discover the real “truth” and  realize that there is life outside the cult they are trapped into.

As controlled members of the Dating Daan, Soriano’s followers will continually profess they are correct, regardless of pure logic. These followers believe they have the truth even if they have not done the research to prove it, a defining factor of all cults.

The website will help to expose the truth behind the MCGI-the real truth they have been hidden from knowing. As you will find out, it does not really matter what the Bible says, ADD members have the mind set that they are correct, regardless of sheer logic. It takes much time and effort to get them to listen, but if you can plant just one wedge of doubt, the possibilities are endless.

May God bless you!

1 Response to About

  1. LittleGiant says:

    Your website is all about LIES, and the destination of a great liar like you is hell…may God enlighten your close mind..


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