10986436_467424043408771_6780429236923014735_nThe following information will serve as transparent evidence of scandals that have rocked Eli Soriano and his Ang Dating Daan cult.As normal for all religious cult leaders, Soriano has faced his share of scandals ranging from homosexual rape, tax evasion charges and lawsuits for hate speech and he is currently on the run over some of these charges.

Eli Soriano charged with rape-courtesy of GMA News

Eli Soriano charged with falsification of public document-Philippine Daily Inquirer

Eli Soriano ordered to to pay libel damages to the Iglesia Ni Cristo-Kicker Daily News

Eli Soriano posts bail over rape charges-Philippine Daily Inquirer

2014 Statement of the Philippine Supreme Court on Eli Soriano case;

Soriano rape case 1

soriano charge 2

soriano charge 3

I bet Soriano’s followers will not read this because as their leader teaches them, all this is gossip! Proof? Hope statements and issuance’s from the Courts are also gossip? You want more proof?


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