Jane “Mababao” Abao-the egg faced puppet of Mama Eli Soriano

In my last article here and here, i provided point blank facts and made Jane Abao,(one of Soriano’s minions) taste her own medicine by exposing how Protestant abuse cases are higher than those in the Catholic Church-a contrast of Abao’s delusional accusations- something that shell shocked the self confessed cultist of the MCGI cult.

So what did Abao do? She went into embarrassing extremes by attacking my Twitter cover picture and directing me to her cooked up stories maligning Daniel Veridiano-the guy Eli Soriano raped.

She did not know that Protestant sexual abuses are much higher than those in the Catholic Church. The result of her embarrassment was going on the defensive by singled out her boss Soriano telling me to read her cooked up article in which she shelves her cult leader from his crimes and from the abuse cases committed by Protestant ministers-of which Soriano is one. It is understandable to us, she and other MCGI fellows will defend Mama Eli and malign Daniel Veridiano because he is sorely responsible for Soriano’s shameless escape. Look how miserable Abao is;


Sorry Mababao, i do not have time for your low quality stories. I have no time to read about how big Daniel Veridano’s penis is.Those stories are for stupid people like you. Maligning Daniel Veridiano also wont help the case that Soriano stands accused as a homosexual rapist.

I know what a lie is. I have ample thinking capacity to differentiate a lie from truth. I am a University graduate of Social Development and i studied Philosophy during my studies in which i was exposed to Research and analytical studies.

The case of Soriano’s rape charge is known by all and is still standing in the courts of law of the Philippines. The case was dismissed but Justice Raul Gonzalez re-opened it and and the charge still stands. Brazil, where Soriano is hiding, has no extradition agreement with Philippines. The case is held in court because Soriano can not face his accuser.This is the reason why Soriano is still on the run and hiding like a coward. We understand this better. We are not fools like those in the MCGI who are fooled that Soriano is on field service when he is just hiding from law suits.

If he is no longer fugitive or is innocent, let him return home and defend himself. Unless Mama Eli faces the court then he can not claim innocence. He stands an accused homosexual criminal and has no audacity to whine that he is a victim of injustice. The only way to clear his name is appear in person and defend himself.

By failing to appear in person to defend himself, Soriano is admitting that he raped Daniel Veridiano. Instead of showing us how “sensible” he is as he claims, Mama Eli is hiding like a coward. He pretends to be sensible and courageous in words yet cowardly in his actions. His accuser, whom you are maligning, had the courage of presenting accusations to the court.

Dear Mababao, nothing will cover the fact that Mama Eli is one of the false preachers prophesied by the Bible. Not you, not Daniel Razon, not any other ADD member and definitely not his programs will cover for that. How many times shall we tell his followers that Eli Soriano is evil man? Much more, you and the entire MCGI cult are equally immoral like your leader, shelving and defending an immoral person who is an accused criminal. Shame on you!


Abao then attacks my Twitter cover picture;


How miserable can Abao become! Respond to what with a Bible? To Soriano’s rape charges? Hhhmm! If you have the real Bible. tell Mama Eli to use it and defend himself against the rape charges he stands accused of.But let me tell you this Jane Mababao, in reality, a verse from the Bible will not work to refute the claims that Eli Soriano is the lying, scheming, raping, manipulative, false preacher leader of a cult that you have sadly fallen into. Not one verse, not a whole Bible will save Soriano from his rape charges unless he appears in person to clear his name.

Mababao does not even know that the Bible i hold in that Picture is the New American Bible(NAB).


Her low IQ makes her go about vomiting forth deadly poisons like a vile snake about things she is hugely under educated or knowledgeable about . She is so full of herself and has been inoculated against the Catholic Church as well as programmed to an intense degree by her cult leader.Her mumbling are signs of mental manipulation where cult members think that anything outside their group is false and evil.

When she reads “The Catholic Answer Bible” she hastily concludes that this is a made up different Bible. She does not know that it is the NAB with Apologetic notes and answers to all the most important questions about the Catholic Faith in Scriptural context. Let her try read it, she will find all her misconceptions about the Catholic Church collapsing in ruins.

And BTW, If she suggests that this is a different one, i can use the same argument against her. Jane Mababao, what kind of Bible does your cult leader use?

ang bibliaThe Ang Dating Biblia” Right? This fabrication( cults are known for using their own fabricated Bibles) is not based on the Original Greek version and as a matter of fact is different and false Bible.

Soriano and the MCGI cult also use the King James Bible. They do not know that this deceitful they call a Bible was commissioned by a homosexual King James and was disowned by Protestant scholars themselves. From the very start many renowned Protestant scholars came out in opposition to the King James Bible and to its inaccuracies some even called for it to be burned. For example In 1612 Dr. Hugh Broughton said in a critique addressed to the house of Lords stated:

“The late Bible (The 1611 King James version)… bred in me sadness that will grieve me while I breathe, it is so ill done… to his Majesty that I had rather be rent in pieces with wild horses, then any such translation by my consent should be urged upon the poor churches…the new edition crosseth me. I require it to be Burnt”(The Bible Through the Ages copyright 1996 p. 318)

This is the deceitful that Soriano and his minions treasure.This woman is not even aware that the Bible(which they really know nothing about) was produced by the Catholic Church and NOT their cult- which is just a 1977 founded bonafide group that was started by Nicholas Perez. It is a useless cult known for promoting falsehood and damnable teachings(like masturbation is not sinful) instrumented by an accused  homosexual rapist who is currently hiding from law suits.

It is understandable to us. Criminals always run away from lawsuits and Eli Soriano is a good example of this.

Dear Jane Mababao, what is good for the goose, is good for the gander, it works both ways. The above is a taste of your own medicine  again. Like i told you, if you can make Catholicism appear bad through exaggerations and mistruths, i can do the same with your Protestant sects and cults.

In reality, we have refuted Soriano and his minions with the Scriptures and clearly exposed him as this blog shows. It would have been great if these people were defending the Bible, but NO it is Soriano they are defending and it is the Bible they are attacking.

If these people believe in the Bible like they claim, the Bible would have slapped sense into their heads long ago and they themselves would have seen Soriano’s manipulative lies. These people are long lost along with the ones leading them.

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