ADD Coordinating Centre-IS THIS BIBLICAL? MGCGI Members are lost in a dilemma between salvation and ignorance

MCGI-A CULT? Yes a greedy business cult! Sadly ADD members are not aware of this because they are trapped in a dilemma between salvation and ignorance. Soriano says his group is not a cult by quoting the general meaning of a cult from a dictionary. He did do that on his Twitter page during the discourse with Fr. Shott. Although his dictionary definitions might be true, not only is he shallow by what a “CULT” as commonly used means, he also shows his double standards. Here we have a charlatan who says he follows the Bible only and rubbishes other writings but then he quotes the dictionary!

So what does CULT mean?

The word cult, is derived from the Latin, “cultus”, which is the worship rendered to God and the veneration of the Saints. The meaning of culture is derived from it. All cultures are based on some religion, at least in the beginning.

However, “Cults” as we use the term today, are bodies of variant Protestantism that broke off from sects and are formed from the ideas of the founder or spiritual leader. Usually these splinter groups are based on the leader’s imaginative,manipulative or unusual interpretation of their own bible(Ang Dating Biblia), which was previously altered to suit their damnable teachings.

While the cults of the Protestant kind recognize Jesus Christ, He may or not be thought to be Divine and or not a member of the Trinity, if there is a Trinity belief. End times doctrine, usually quite specific, in contradiction to the words of Christ Himself, are very important, even central to the system of dogma.

Cults in general train their lay adherents to proselytize, some more strenuously than others. One of the methods of acquiring converts is to take advantage of persons who have suffered a traumatic event and may be particularly vulnerable, less able to resist the lure of a promise of happiness along with sympathy from cult members.

Another tactic is financial incentive, which takes various forms from aid to promises of gain.

A more subtle and increasingly used method of winning over Catholics is to invite them to simply pray with the group or to “merely study the bible”. Catholics are told that they can still remain Catholics but come to their meetings and study groups. Of course any Catholic who believes this is already ignorant enough to be persuaded eventually that the Catholic Church is a false religion. This kind of Catholic has been inoculated against the Catholic Faith and need help.

Cult members are more insular than those who belong to sects, much more watchful over the members who show signs of straying. The MCGI is a shining example of this characteristic. In cults an early and continual indoctrination is considered vital-which is very apparent in the MCGI.

So after knowing this, do not let Soriano fool you with his “dictionary” definitions of a cult in a bid to convince you that his man made group is not a cult. It is a CULT and a dirty one!

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