“…Because you have spoken vain things, and have seen lies, therefore  behold I come against you, said the Lord GOD.." -Ezekiel 13:8-9

“…Because you have spoken vain things, and have seen lies, therefore
behold I come against you, said the Lord GOD..” -Ezekiel 13:8-9

We have been brought to the attention of the feud between run away rapist Eliseo Soriano/ his followers and a certain Catholic Priest Fr.Shott.

We can not waste time refuting his regurgitated nonsense.What Soriano is saying are repeated lies and innuendos which have been already refuted and exposed many times. They are a bore and meaningless now. But from a birds eye view of the feud, Eli Soriano and his followers show clearly their incapability to engage in a logical debate. We have observed that Soriano does not even understand the meaning of what a “cult” as commonly used to refer to bonafide groups means. He also does not understand certain terms as “literal” etc.

As usual, the self appointed leader of the Ang Dating Daan resorts to abuse and slander plus sharing his followers twitter posts and/or calling on his hugely brainwashed followers to support him-a sign of lack of confidence.

It can be observed that Soriano and his followers are only capable of yelling instead of listening intently to the opponent.

Soriano is a skilled heckler who tends to annoy and harass his opponent. Also as a reminder, Soriano has a reputation of focusing on minor word details propelling him to neglect the whole subject of the debate and move on to other meaningless issues.

For Soriano’s followers, It is obvious from their style that they have been thoroughly programmed by this dangerous and deceitful man. They need to get some help. They have been brainwashed to an intense and sad degree.

They cannot engage in any sort of debate because they do not have their own mind to work with. Seriously, they really, actually, do need help.

One other thing we have observed also is that Soriano is denying that he is not a fugitive. Okay, if he is nolonger fugitive, why can’t he return home?

Him and his followers excuse is that he is on mission preaching to the western world or that he is on the run because of death threats from his homeland. This is a lie. If he is a really a preacher sent by God, let him return home and face justice. If he believes that he is God protected, let him return home and trust that God will protect and save him.

It does not matter how he presents a link to one of his minions(Jane Abao) site in defence of the fact that he is a fugitive. The same question has been asked to Abao many times but she too can not answer it: if he is nolonger fugitive, why can’t he return home? If he is nolonger fugitive, let him return home with confidence.

No matter again how these people quote Bible verses, they have been taught faulty Scriptures as Fr.Shott told them.Soriano has raped their minds-and which person in his correct sense of mind would listen to this criminal?

If these people are defending the Bible like they claim they do, the Bible would have slapped sense into their minds. But no, it is Soriano(their lord) they are defending.They are doing that on his twitter page.

I bet Fr.Shott is not affected in any way by their tirades or claimed Bible-which they truly know nothing about. All they know has been programmed into their minds by that criminal in Brazil.

I sense they are feeling guilty of not being able to answer or challenge Fr.Shott apart from their abuse and slander. What do you expect from cult members?Nothing much! They are obviously incensed by Fr.Shott and all they can do is resort to their usual innuedoes and conspirations that have been refuted and exposed. The whole of this blog is proof of that.

In REALITY, a verse from the Bible or personal attacks will not work to refute the claims that Brother Eli is the lying, scheming, raping, manipulative, false prophet leader of a cult that his sorry followers have fallen slavishly into.Those also wont work to absolve Soriano of his shame and crimes.

No verse from the Bible will excuse this. Not one, not all of them, not a stack of Bibles a mile high.They themselves will not be able to find a verse to make it right. The damage has been already done.Of course they will keep trying.

Soriano can fuss and abuse and lie and misuse the Bible as much as he can plus also boast of how he is a “sensible preacher” sent by God. In truth, this is just one of the tactics he uses to keep his followers controlled and blind folded. God never, has never and will never send Soriano. He is one of the false preachers prophesied by the Bible.

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