Soriano and his ADD cult are an occultist and use witchcraft kind of tricks to deceptively mislead and trap people into a cult.

Soriano and his ADD cult are an occultist and use witchcraft kind of tricks to deceptively mislead and trap people into a cult.

As much as it might be difficult for Soriano’s followers and some other people to believe, the Ang Dating Daan or MCGI has occult connections as virtually every religious cult is.

Can you imagine a religious organization that professes to use the Bible but is associated with some of the most ghastly occult practices despised by God? The Ang Dating Daan is one such religious organization.

Soriano’s followers are forced into believing that the cult of which they slavishly devote their lives is directed by God, when it is indeed not. Although loyal Soriano followers recognize that occult practices are condemned within the Bible, they are totally oblivious to the fact that their own “sensible preacher” Eli Soriano utilizes such ungodly and ghastly practices within this so-called Members of Church of God International.

The following evidence provided will serve as transparent evidence that the Ang Dating Daan/MCGI has and still is involved with occult practices, continuing to deceive loyal followers into this dirty and deceptive cult.

Palmistry and Chiromancy

Perhaps this is the most shocking teaching Soriano has ever made. Palmistry is defined as foretelling the future through the study of the palm or fingerprints. This occult practice claims that hands are the road map of our lives. This practice of reading palms or finger prints is divination or part of the occult and is directly associated with astrology-which is itself an occult practice associated with horoscopes and Numerology.

A look at statements made by Soriano on his Twitter page had one statement that impressed me most as it brings out clearly his occult beliefs. Here is a snapshot;


Do you know that reading finger prints is associated with Palmistry which is an occult practice? Palmists read finger prints and Freemasons Leave their Fingerprints all over the crime scene  . Some will say no and suggest that Soriano quoted a verse but the verse  Job 37: 7 quoted by Soriano does not talk about finger prints as a mark between man and the Creator.

Job 37:7 (KJV)

He sealeth up the hand of every man; that all men may know his work.

This verse when interpreted in its proper context does not mean that our finger prints are the marks that show that the creator knows us and also for us to the know the Creator as Soriano insinuates. Rather, the verse is about nature and mostly the weather. The context is that weather changes can inform our thoughts andconversations. Read it, believe it! It is all about noticing the glory of God, not only in the thunder and lightning, but in the more common and less awful changes of the weather; as the snow and rain. Nature directs all creatures to shelter themselves from a storm; and shall man only be unprovided with a refuge? Oh that men would listen to the voice of God, who in many ways warns them to flee from the wrath to come; and invites them to accept his salvation, and to be happy. The ill opinion which men entertain of the Divine direction peculiarly appears in their murmurs about the weather, though the whole result of the year proves the folly of their complaints. We should understand that everything situation is willed by God including bad weather; no days are bad as God makes them, though we make many bad day by our sins and un-uniformity to the will of God.

After knowing this truth, so we ask why did Soriano include Job 37:7? The answer is that he mixed his occult beliefs with Scriptures but embarrassingly for him’ falsehood cannot mix with truth (John 1;15).The Bible condemns him;

The Bible in the Book of Deuteronomy 18:10-12 says, “Let no one be found among you who sacrifices his son or daughter in the fire, who practices divination or sorcery, interprets omens, engages in witchcraft, or casts spells, or who is a medium or spiritist or who consults the dead. Anyone who does these things is detestable to the LORD, and because of these detestable practices the LORD your God will drive out those nations before you.”

Through claims of being the “sensible preacher” “God’s Mouth piece” plus telling his followers to use fingerprints as mark of God and man, we can see that Soriano is obsessed with Occult and his cult is involved in this occult known as Palmistry. This proves that Soriano is a false prophet, occultist and satanist. Since Soriano’s followers believe their leader is directed by God, why would God not let him know that these occult beliefs are unacceptable? Surely God Himself despises such practices and would not have allowed for them to be used in an organization claiming being the Church of God. This is clearly not a man who was and is being directed and guided by God. What other occult practices are the ADD/MCGI involved with that refutes their claim to directed by God?

Eli Soriano-God’s mouth piece/Channel of Communication

It is a known fact that Soriano and his followers consider him as “God’s mouth”, “Channel of communication” or “Steward of the Mysteries of God”. You often hear Soriano’s followers saying that ‘Soriano is God’s mouth piece” or the “channel through which God communicates” and that He” is the “only one sent by God to preach”.

Not only is this statement ridiculous, it is also an occult practice. Perhaps it is the only doctrine that remains consistent in the Ang Dating Daan- which is a spiritistic claim that Soriano is God’s mouthpiece. This elitist claim is the much fabricated doctrine that the ADD/MCGI uses to trick their followers into believing everything Soriano says is coming from God. Soriano’s followers believe if you are not in touch with this “channel of communication/mouthpiece” and are a member of the MCGI, your relationship with God has no validity. That is why Soriano’s followers are helplessly trapped into the MCGI cult.

But what is this so-called “channel of communication” or “God’s Mouthpiece” nonsense? Although Soriano’s followers presumptuously profess to be the only true Christians who use the Bible and dispense its truths, it should be of utmost importance to investigate further the so-called channel used through the ADD/MCGI. Most MCGI members are unclear as to exactly how the information through their/mouth piece Soriano is conveyed, merely trusting the cult’s teachings instead of turning to the Scriptures.

The claim of being “God’s Mouth piece” is a common factor among religious cults. The Watch Tower Society, Seventh Day Adventist Movement, Mormons and such other bonafide cults claim their leaders to be “God’s Mouthpieces” just like the MCGI claim Soriano to be God’s mouthpiece. The claim to be “God’s mouthpiece” is modern occult rhetoric. Despite this claim, and taking into effect of Soriano falsehoods, scandals and these occult beliefs, God would not have anything to do with a notorious, occult practice and rapist like Soriano.

“Channel of Communication” explained

The word channel is only seen in the Bible six times, with all references being to the flow of water. The word channel is defined as spiritualistic communication with spirits or demons and a channeler is someone who becomes a conduit for a deceased person. Nowhere in the Bible is the word channel described as a supernatural conduit for God. Even if Soriano’s followers are presented with this logic and recognize God’s view towards occult practices such as supernatural communication, they remain unaffected because they are intensely brainwashed and trapped in the MCGI cult and are mistakenly convinced that Soriano dispenses truths from the Bible, even though they do not.

This teaching and belief of the ADD/MCGI that Soriano is God’s Mouth piece, Channel of Communication or Steward of the Mysteries of God in itself is considered necromancy, or speaking with the dead, an occult practice condemned by God. Although Soriano’s followers firmly believe the cult they slavishly devote their lives to be directed by God, it is of monumental importance that they see the real truth behind this deception, revealing the dark and occult Ang Dating Daan/MCGI. This is truly a group which God Himself would have no part of.

Despite their ignorant “progressive understanding/knowledge” beliefs, Soriano’s followers must come to the realization that their cults teachings and doctrines rest on ungodly ground.  ADD leaders utilize devious and witchcraft kind of tricks to convince their followers that God is only communicating through Soriano and that all other Churches outside their own are directed by Satan. It is a fact that God Himself would never have any relationship with an esoteric and occult practicing cult claiming to use a false preacher as channel through Him. God does not direct Soriano and He never has.

These facts serve as transparent evidence that Soriano and the MCGI are not at all directed by God. God Himself would have nothing to do with a deceptive, underhanded and occult practicing cult such as the Ang Dating Daan/MCGI. End by looking at the ADD logo,

It is a satanic logo promoting occult symbols like the frame,star etc

It is a satanic logo promoting occult symbols like the frame,star etc

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