“They see vain things, and they foretell lies saying, THE LORD SAID: whereas the Lord has NOT sent them, AND THEY HAVE PERSISTED TO CONFIRM WHAT THEY HAVE SAID.”- Ezekiel 13:6

“They see vain things, and they foretell lies saying, THE LORD SAID: whereas the Lord has NOT sent them, AND THEY HAVE PERSISTED TO CONFIRM WHAT THEY HAVE SAID.”– Ezekiel 13:6

Eli Soriano is a known ghastly false preacher and GOD is against the false preachers.

He warns that they cause His people to lie. If His people lie, then what happens to their salvation?

“They see vain things, and they foretell lies saying, THE LORD SAID: whereas the Lord has NOT sent them, AND THEY HAVE PERSISTED TO CONFIRM WHAT THEY HAVE SAID.” Ezekiel 13:6

Scriptures speaks;

I, the LORD, affirm that I am opposed to those prophets who dream up lies and report them. They are misleading my people with their reckless lies. I did not send them. I did not commission them. They are not helping these people at all. I, the LORD, affirm it!” Jeremiah 23:32 (Net Bible)

So says the Word of God! Now we all have to ask ourselves: who sent and commissioned Eli Soriano? The Bible says that Preachers must be sent.

“And how shall they preach except they be sent?” Romans. 10:14, 15

Who sent Soriano? Not God and definitely not any of the Apostles and their successors. Soriano succeeded Nicholas Perez, the founder of the man-made Cult Soriano now leads. Neither Perez nor Soriano were sent by God or any of the Apostles and their successors and their cult-so called MCGI-was not founded by God. A true Church is not based on cherry picking a verse from the Bible but it MUST be founded by God Himself.

Embarrassingly too, Soriano fails the test of Apostolicity miserably. In continuing to prove that Soriano is a false preacher, 1 Timothy 3 give us the qualities of a genuine preacher.

“This saying is trustworthy: whoever aspires to the office of bishop desires a noble task. Therefore, a bishop must be irreproachable, married only once, temperate, self-controlled, decent, hospitable, able to teach, 3 not a drunkard, not aggressive, but gentle, not contentious, not a lover of money.”

Let us benchmark these qualities with Soriano;

Quality                               Eli Soriano

Irreproachable-               FAIL!

Married only once-       FAIL! ( Soriano failed to get a wife and is a homosexual on the run for his crimes)

Temperate-                     FAIL!

Self-Controlled–           FAIL! (Soriano has no self-control and is ready to abuse, loathe, slander and curse anyone).This alone is against the second commandment.

DECENT-                      FAIL! (Remember Soriano’s spitting on live Television)

Hospitable-               FAIL! (Soriano is friendly to those his supporters only)

Able to teach-           FAIL! With the many lies and scandalous blasphemies and false teaching he spews-Soriano fails miserably)

Not a drunkard- FAIL! (Now it is known to us that Soriano is drunk for power and mind control of his followers. He gives them no chance to think or reflect. Mind control is a cult Characteristic)

Not aggressive-FAIL! (Ever watched Soriano’s debates, he heckles and harasses his opponents. Dirty tactics! All of Soriano’s writings are full of hate agenda with abuse, slander and pride)

Not Gentle- FAIL! (With his abuse and slander he doesn’t rate at all)

Not contentious- FAIL! (Soriano is a controversial lunatic given to arguing or provoking argument)

Not a lover of money-FAIL! (The whole ADD/MGCI is based on business schemes disguised as Christianity. Plundering money from poor followers is the major aim for Soriano and the ADD)

After this benchmark, we can see Soriano fails miserably. Punches all over him! Yes he is a false teacher. Not only does he fail the test of Apostolicity, the “right preacher” quality test beats him miserably. He cannot count. What does the Bible say?

“Beware of false prophets, who come to you in the clothing of sheep, but inwardly they are ravening wolves” Matthew 7:19

Jesus foretold these false Prophets like Soriano and then He tells us, going on with the similitude of a tree, what shall be the portion of such false prophets.

“Every tree,” says He, “that bringeth not forth good fruit, shall be cut down and cast into the fire.” (Matthew 7:15,19).

Such is the fate of false teachers, according to Jesus Christ. St. Paul describes them in the same light, and exhorts the leaders of the Church to watch against them, that they may prevent the seduction of the flock.   

“I know,” says he, “that, after my departure, ravening wolves shall enter in among you, not sparing the flock; and of your own selves shall arise men speaking perverse things, to draw away disciples after them. Therefore watch.” (Acts 20:29).

This is the raw truth from the Sacred Scriptures from  Bible gives of all those who depart from the doctrine of the Church founded by Christ-Catholic Church- the pillar of ground of Truth, and teach falsehood, that they are RAVENOUS WOLVES, SEDUCERS OF THE PEOPLE, WHO SPEAK PERVERSE THINGS, and whose end is HELL FIRE.

St. Paul concluding his epistle to the Romans whose faith is known throughout the whole world(Romans 1;1), cautions Christians against all such teachers as Soriano and his fellows like Manalo, Charles Russell, Luther etc in these words:

“Now, I beseech you, brethren, to mark them who cause dissentions and offenses contrary to the doctrine which ye have learned, and to avoid them: for they that are such serve not Christ our Lord, but their own belly, and by pleasing speeches, and good works, seduce the hearts of the innocent,” (Romans 16.17).

Can such as these, who cause dissentions contrary to the old doctrine, and seduce the souls redeemed by the Blood of Jesus, who are not the servants of Christ, but His enemies, and are slaves to their own belly: can these, be in the way of salvation? Alas! the same holy Apostle describes their fate in another text, saying, “That they are enemies of the cross of Christ, whose end is destruction, whose God is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame.” (Philippians. 3:18)

It is known fact that Soriano hates the cross by calling it pagan, he is interested in his belly by conning money from his followers, his homosexual tendencies and lying shame is known by all. Woe to him!

“There shall be among you,” says the Apostle Peter, “lying teachers, who shall bring sects of perdition, and denying the Lord who brought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction,” (2 Peter. 2:1); And going on to describe them, he says, “Their judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their destruction slumbereth not,” (verse 3); “the Lord knoweth how … to reserve the unjust unto the day of judgment to be tormented; and especially them who … despise governments, audacious, pleasing themselves, they fear not to bring in sects, blaspheming,” (verse 9); “leaving the right way, they have gone astray,” (verse 15); “these are wells without water, and clouds tossed with whirlwinds, to whom the mist of darkness is reserved,” (verse 17). Good God! what a dreadful state to be in by these false Prophets like Soriano.

Soriano is also known for his stance against Orthodox Christianity and the true Doctrine of Christ. Soriano says that the Trinity, Incarnation, Real Presence and other orthodox Christian doctrines are wrong yet these are the true Doctrines of Christ. For such blasphemies, St. John brands all such false teachers who go out from the Church Jesus founded with the terrible name of “antichrists” (1 John 2:18) and says that these have no God in them.

“Whosoever revolteth, and continueth not in the doctrine of Christ, hath not God. He that continueth in the doctrine, the same hath both the Father and the Son.” (verse 9). Woe Soriano! You are out of the way of Salvation.

What about Soriano’s followers?

Now, if all those who break off from the Universal Church-the Only Church founded by Christ, and all those who teach false doctrine, contrary to the “faith once revealed to her” are condemned in such strong and severe terms by the Holy Scriptures, what condition must those be in who follow such teachers, and hold such damnable doctrine? Can salvation be found among “ravenous wolves, seducers of the flock, speakers of perverse things?” Is it possible to be saved in “pernicious sects, damnable heresies, false doctrines, dissentions and offenses contrary to the doctrine received from the Apostles?” Can those be sure guides to heaven whom the word of God declares to be “enemies of the cross of Christ,” and “antichrists, whose end is destruction,” who fall under the anathema of the Apostle “to whom the mist of darkness is reserved?” Scripture tells us;

St. Paul, gives of the works of the flesh reckons SECTS, or as the Protestant translation has it, HERESIES, and the rest of those, he concludes in these words, “of which I foretell you, as I have foretold to you, that they who do such things shall not obtain the kingdom of God.” (Galatians. 5:20)

Our Lord Jesus foretelling the evils of the latter times, says, “and many false prophets shall arise, and shall seduce many … but he that shall persevere to the end, he shall be saved.” (Matthew. 24:11, 13). Is it not evident from this that those who are seduced by these false prophets shall not be saved? And that salvation will be the happy lot only of those who persevere in the Faith and love of Christ to the end?

St. Peter, foretelling that “there shall be lying teachers who shall bring damnable heresies, and bring upon themselves swift destruction, “ immediately adds, “and many shall follow their riotousness, through whom the way of Truth shall be evil spoken of.” (2 Peter. 2:2). Now, to whom are these ways pernicious, but to those who follow them?

The whole epistle of St. Jude contains a description of all those who follow these pernicious ways, and of their miserable fate, and says, “that they are raging waves of the sea, foaming out their own confusion, wandering stars, to whom the storm of darkness is reserved forever.” (Verse 13)

St. Paul, giving an ample description of heretics like Soriano and others, says, among other things, that they have “an appearance of godliness, but deny the power thereof … ever learning and never attaining the knowledge of Truth … that they are men of corrupt minds, reprobate concerning the Faith … and that being evil men and seducers, they grow worse, erring and driving into error,” (2 Tim. 3). Can these expect Salvation?

Our Lord Jesus, in just one short sentence, clearly shows the miserable fate of all those who follow these blind teachers, when He says, “they are blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the pit,” (Matthew 15:14).

This clearly shows that both false Preachers (Soriano, Manalo, Russell, Joseph Smith, Quiboloy, Ellen White etc) at their blind followers are dreadfully condemned by the Lord Jesus and His Apostles.

“Jesus Christ shall be revealed from Heaven with the angels of His Power, in a flame of fire, yielding vengeance to them who know not God and who obey not the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, who shall suffer eternal punishment in destruction from the face of Our Lord, and from the glory of His Power,” (2 Thessalonians. 1:7). However, it is not too late for them. It is time for them to come to the truth of Jesus which is fully contained in the One, Holy, and Catholic Apostolic Church-the only Church founded by Jesus. (I Timothy 3:15)

The CHURCH which Jesus established on Peter is so important to Him, that our Lord went to extent of dying for HIS CHURCH, and by doing so, HE Glorified His Church:


“Christ also loved the CHURCH, and delivered himself up for it.”

So then what does the Holy Bible say with regards to all the other religious movements circulating like Soriano’s MCGI/ADD Cult claiming to be the true Church? The MCGI/ADD was founded in 197O’s by a man called Nicholas Pérez, who later abandoned it to Eli Soriano at the time of his death in 1977. The fact that a mere man started the MCGI/ADD is proof that Soriano/s cult is not the true Church since it was not founded regardless of how much Soriano abuses Scriptures  with name games to prove that.

The Bible in HEBREWS 6:1 FORBIDS LAYING AGAIN the foundation of coming back to Christ. Jesus established his CHURCH on Peter (Matthew 16). So we can safely say that other foundations outside the Catholic Church are nothing more than religious movements OUTSIDE the Mystical body of Christ, and are therefore fake. These movements are condemned by the very bible they promote.

The Apostle St. Peter says that “Christ Himself is the “cornerstone,” on which the spiritual temple, which the faithful conjointly form, is built, “the foundation which has been built,” (Ephesians 2: 20) and on which the messengers of the Faith must continue to build in their missionary work (I Corinthians 3: 11) . Christ is the head of the Church (Colossians 1: 18). The Church is His property, secured with His own blood; ( Acts 20: 28) His bride, whom He has loved, and for whom He has given Himself, in order to sanctify her, and to make Himself glorious (  Ephesians 5: 25-27).

The One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church is the messenger of salvation to the world. She is the pillar and ground of Truth (I Timothy 3:15), Covenant Family and Kingdom of prophecy. She has suffered all forms of strong persecution, from pagans to heretics to misguided separated brethren to Nazis to communists, to Muslims and others. Yet, she remains forever the vessel of Salvation for mankind, “an unshakeable kingdom,” against whom the “gates of the hell shall not prevail (Matthew 16:18).

The above evidence is irrefutable proof that Soriano is a false preacher, false teacher and an anti-Christ indeed. He is not sent by God nor does he speak for God for God would not have anything to do with a homosexual raping, lying and blasphemous charlatan pretending to be God’s mouth piece.

Why is he on the run in Brazil? If he claims to be the Sensible preacher, let him come back and prove his innocence. Like one commentator advised him;

“If what he preaches is true, he should not be afraid to return home even if that will cost his life because Jesus will be happy to receive him in heaven”

May Jesus be praised!

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