Rapist and Gay Preacher Mama Eli

Rapist and Gay Preacher Mama Eli

Some time back when I wrote the article “Counting down the last days of the ADD cult” , many brainwashed Soriano followers wondered whether I am God to dictate the end of their cult. The truth of the matter is now appearing evident. Religious cults come and go.

Nothing is further from the truth. Once you are aware of how the ADD cult works you will no doubt be convinced that this is a religious cult per see. Due to the increasing exposure of the real truth the ADD cult, Soriano and his willing slave deputy are now forced to tighten the vice on the members through mass indoctrination services in fear of losing them. The recent desperate move is to attack the Splendor blog claiming his photos were used.

In reality, these photos Soriano and his cult are against were got from other sites. I can prove this if he want me to do.

If Soriano and his cult want their pictures not to be used, then they should also generally do so against others sites that are using their pictures. Embarrassingly for him, sites and memes exposing his cult, lies and non-biblical teachings are increasing day by day like a wild fire. We know why he is against use of his pictures now. More exposure will lead to the downfall of his cult. You see, the Splendor articles he attacked were bullets exposing the real truth in his cult. It is not surprising us any way. The truth is hurting him we know. His recent attacks of Splendor are just signs of a dying horse.

Unfortunately, Soriano and his minions are now seeing that the Information control tactics implemented in their cult are not working at all. Due to the Internet, many loyal Elisorians are falling for outside materials exposing their cult on Face Book ,You Tube, Twitter, or critical websites and blogs such Splendor of the Church, Wolf in the Hen House, The Real Truth behind the ADD Cult and slowly but surely, this will allow Soriano’s followers to open their eyes to the deceptive and financially hungry cult they slavishly devote their lives to.

Desperation? Downfall? It is really exciting to see the first signs of the collapse of this destructive cult. The internet is increasingly becoming the most powerful external weapon against the Ang Dating Daan cult. The most powerful internal one is themselves.

With all the rapid desperate changes taking place in ADD cult, the more open minded Soriano’s followers will begin to see all this maneuvering for what it is, Desperation!

THE ADD CULT IS DEAD, IT JUST HASN’T FALLEN OVER YET! There is a roaring current of change taking place in the ADD cult, many doubting Elisorians are turning to internet, blogosphere and social media sites for critical information on the ADD cult.


However a proliferation of critical information is now available and is just a mouse click away. You Tube, Face Book, Twitter, Anti-Soriano websites, Blogs, and Internet Radio and Television programs are exposing the ADD for what it is ….. A DANGEROUS AND DESTRUCTIVE CULT.

Can’t get enough of what is going on behind the curtains of the ADD cult. Splendor blog, Know the Truth, the Blade of Truth and this new site (https://therealtruthbehindtheadd.wordpress.com/) will provide the information and guidance you need to understand the ghastly tricks and deception in this man made cult.

The Ang Dating Daan is nothing more than a greedy business cult masquerading as a religion doing everything in their power to hide their secrets. The Ang Dating Daan cult is scared to death, forced to deal with reclining recruitments and members. The future looks dim for the cult, as the ever growing dark shadow hovers over their claimed “sensible” preacher Soriano.

It only took a little dog to pull down the curtain and expose the real truth behind the great and powerful wizard of Oz. It is only a matter of time before the curtain of the Ang Dating Daan/MCGI is pulled as well.

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