The concern with being a Dating Daan member is the many lives that have been greatly damaged through constant mass indoctrination and the demonic and damnable teachings of the false Prophet Eli Soriano. The fault lies not with the followers but with the system, particularly the manner in which the Dating Daan group and Soriano force followers to think and behave.

The focus of what is wrong revolves around a single point, the high control that the Dating Daan has over its members, affecting both spirituality and day-to-day living. Soriano is misusing the Bible and exploiting Christianity through torturing Scriptures into lies in order to amass wealth and enrich himself. All religious cult leaders utilize this trick. So, one need to understand that the so called Members of Church God International is nothing but a satanic cult and a DANGER!

Soriano, who refers himself as a god and who teaches that God has an ass and that Ladies will not enter Heaven unless they become men, also approves Homosexuality and many members in the Dating Daan have left the cult because of Soriano’s these damnable teachings. Listen to this video in which he says women will not go to heaven unless they become men.

Un-relentless criticism, personal insults, noise making, badmouthing and any other form of human degradation to fellow humans is freely practiced and encouraged at anytime, even on live Television and during worship services, just as long as it is what they personally perceive of any one, no matter the age and status.

In order to help one leave Soriano’s cult, you need to understand that people leave for various reasons and what is important to one person is not necessarily of consequence to someone else. Some leave over doctrinal issues, some for emotional reasons, and some for perceived deception on the part of the leadership.

It is critical to know what is important to the person you are trying to reach, in order to understand how to assist them. To determine what is going to be effective, start by asking, “Why do you believe it to be the truth?” This can vary greatly, but the key reasons are usually one or more of the following:

  1. Only Soriano is directed by God.
  2. ADD members are unique, such as being in the so called Members of Church of God international (a clever trick utilized by all cults. Jehovah’s Witnesses also claim so)
  3. It is the only religion with true doctrine (yet the Dating Daan has no defined and documented set of doctrine.)

Once you know what the important areas are for the person you are talking to, you will be able to research and then respond to those areas. At the same time, attempt to determine what doubts or disappointments they have with the Organization, as these are topics to build upon.


Soriano is always making noise that God directs his and ADD preaching. In order to help a person realize the ADD is not directed by God, start by asking if they know the history of their religion. Most do not know all the history of their cult as it is hidden from them. You can discuss how   Ang Dating Daan (The Old Path) is the facade of a religion, which is formerly known Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Saligan ng Katotohanan which was registered way back 1977 by Fermin Calma, a close friend of Mr. Eliseo Soriano, in which Bro. Eli himself is the leader of the new breakaway group.

This happened after the death of Mr. Nicolas Perez from the religious group Iglesia ng Dios kay Kristo Hesus, Haligi at Suhay ng Katotohanan.

That may come a surprise. This is one of the hidden truths about the historical official name of the group Ang Dating Daan. Only few members knew about this essential information while only scanty flashes of history are posted on their website. The Dating Daan, just like other cults, is masterful in preventing followers from learning the real truth behind the organization. The real history of the ADD has been whitewashed by their leaders to mask the origins of their ungodly doctrines and embarrassing damnable teachings. Loyal ADD members are left unaware of the whole truth behind the very organization they slavishly dedicate their lives to.

Tell them to inquire from their Ministers about the history of their cult from Soriano and the ADD Ministers. If they show fear in implementing this move, then tell them that fear is a mind control factor. Or if they go and ask their ministers but they refuse to tell them, then tell them that that is a sure sign that ADD is duping them and it is high time they searched for information about the ADD externally. Why would an organization claiming to be directed by God refuse to disclose information about itself? Notice also that ADD members never disclose their identity when in a conversation on social media or in the web for fear that they will be identified as belonging to a cult- why this kind of behavior? If they know that God directs them, why do they fear to disclose their identity? Again, if God directs them why do they not want their teachings to be questioned?

The purpose of these discussions is to help the ADD member accept that this behavior is proof that God does not direct Soriano and has never has done so. Inform them that other similar cults also utilize this cheap control tactic. Also reveal to the person some of the areas that have undergone significant changes over the years are:

  • Name of the group has been changed several times
  • Failed Prophesies: Soriano said that the world would end in 2010 but it did not happen.

If God directs their preaching, why these changes and why so many mistakes by Soriano? You will encounter the excuse that Apostles also made mistakes. Soriano justifies errors through comparison with the Apostles and the mistakes that they made. He also justifies his lack of knowledge in Biblical Greek and Hebrew by insinuating that Apostles did not know Greek and Hebrew as well. In reality Soriano is using Scriptures to cover his woeful ignorance. This is a straw man argument, as it addresses an issue quite different to the one at hand. This is not a question of individual early Christians, Dating Daan Members or the presiding ministers of the ADD being perfect or holding to a perfect understanding of doctrine. The issue is whether Soriano and his ministers operate under guidance of Holy Spirit as a collective group. Does God direct what appears in the ADD Literature and broadcast? Obviously not, since so much has been wrong. Most of them are the fanciful falsehoods of Soriano and are mere heresy.

 Rather than suggesting that Apostles made mistakes, consider “What percentage of the Apostles writings in the Bible are wrong?” Zero percent. “What percentage of Soriano and ADD statements has been wrong?” The difference being, the Apostles were directed by God, the Soriano is not. Since Soriano is unlike the Apostles and not directed by God when arriving at doctrine, they should not be followed blindly, without question.

Furthermore, Soriano insinuates the claim that God guides his preaching and the claim to truth. But reinforce the fact that most religious cults try to differentiate themselves from orthodox Christianity in the efforts to stand out, and the leaders instill elitism or a “better than you” mentality within their members. The Dating Daan masterfully convinces their followers that they alone have the “truth” because their teachings differ from that of others. Insist to them that God does not direct falsehoods which are apparent in Dating Daan. For example, consider this deceptive falsehood of Soriano undermining acquiring University Education;

In his Article with a screaming title: The best education at the best University…ever!,(, Soriano wrote;

 (Want the best education? In the best university? The Lord Jesus, in Matthew 11:28-30 has this to say:

 Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you,and learn of me;for I am meek and lowly in heart: and ye shall find rest unto your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”)

This is nonsense and comical. The verse quoted is misapplied. It was not intended to teach about the best education and the best University or to argue against acquiring University education. Once again Soriano’s woeful Ignorance is apparent here. The Jews used the image of a yoke to express submission to God.  They spoke of the yoke of the law, the yoke of the commandments, the yoke of the kingdom, and the yoke of God.  Jesus says his yoke is “easy”.  Yokes were tailor-made to fit the oxen well.  We are commanded to put on the “sweet yoke of Jesus” and to live the “heavenly way of life and happiness”. Jesus also says his “burden is light”. No burden is too heavy when it’s given in love and carried in love with Jesus.  Jesus offers us a new kingdom of righteousness, peace, and joy.  In his kingdom sins are not only forgiven but removed, and eternal life is poured out for all its citizens. This is not a political kingdom, but a spiritual one. The yoke of Christ’s kingdom, his kingly rule and way of life, liberates us from the burden of guilt and from the oppression of sin and hurtful desires. Only Jesus can lift the burden of sin and the weight of hopelessness from us. Jesus used the analogy of a yoke to explain how we can exchange the burden of sin and despair for a burden of glory and yoke of freedom from sin.  The yoke which Jesus invites us to embrace is his way of grace and freedom from the power of sin. 

 In reality, Soriano is arguing against acquiring University education in order to cover for his woeful ignorance arising out of the fact that he never acquired a good University education even though he doesn’t not straightly indicate that. This reasoning is comical and misplaced. It is a straw man fallacy, because regardless of how beneficial Biblical education may be best, it does not enable a person to enter many professional occupations.

What can be concluded is that Soriano, by lying through twisting Scripture, is afraid of his followers to be exposed to the teachings of philosophy, theology, or evolution that contradict Dating Daan belief. However, many degrees do not cover these areas, nor undermine a man’s perfectness before the sight of God. Let the ADD member know about these falsehoods and then ask if God would direct such falsehoods.

Biblically speaking, there are many verses that Mr. Soriano is using to identify that he is the one being referred to by that particular verse. For example, he started claiming that he is the ‘one’ (wise man) being prophesied in the book of Ecclesiastes 9:14-15.Tell them that their leader Mr. Soriano took the Filipino translation, thinking that this is suitable for him that he is the poor wise man. And the ‘little city’ is the congregation the he is holding. Knowing that he is the one that will save or deliver the small city by his wisdom. He strongly believes that this verse is a prophecy and not a part of a story being told in the book of Ecclesiastes.

In reality, this verse is not a prophecy that will happen in the future; this is a story that had happened during the time of King Solomon. The ‘city’ being referred to was the city being led by the son of David – he is the poor man and the wise man as well, and not Mr. Soriano. Very pathetic he is claiming what is not. Claiming that he is the ‘wise man’, while he is really not. Besides it is not the fulfillment of something foretold to the establishment of their church. 

So assure the person that the Holy Spirit would not direct a preacher that preaches falsehoods.


A Dating Daan member needs assistance to understand that the Dating Daan is by no means unique. Over the centuries, countless “end of the world” sects have come and gone. Many religions exist today that are similar to the Ang Dating Daan in many ways.

  • There are other religions with similar doctrine to the Ang Dating Daan for example the Watch Tower Society, Church of God and Seventh day Adventists.
  • All other religious cults display hate like the ADD.
  • Other groups are more effective in their preaching work than the ADD

The And Dating Daan is classified as a high control religion because of the following characteristics common among high control religious groups;

  • Having unique guidance from God
  • Emphasis on leaders-Soriano 
  • Being the only ones teaching truth
  • That God will shortly save them-(End times message)
  • Having their own version of the Bible

Reinforce these points when in discussion;

Having unique guidance from God

Claims of having unique guidance from God is a red flag characteristic utilized by all religious cults. There is absolutely no evidence that God guides the Dating Daan with all the falsehoods being spewed by Soriano day by day.

Emphasis on leaders-Soriano

Emphasis on the leaders instead of God is another outstanding cult characteristic. All cult leaders manipulate their followers into believing their faith is in God, when it is actually within the leaders themselves. ADD leaders, especially Soriano, are masterful at this tactic, convincing their members that their loyalty is to God, when in fact their loyalty is to their Presiding and Vice Presiding Ministers. The Dating Daan emphatically claims the importance of the presiding Ministers and that only through them can true followers come to God. Regardless as to how firmly a Dating Daan believes in a certain teaching given by their Soriano, their entire belief system can change through just one Soriano article, viewing it as “proper food at the proper time”.

 Being the only ones teaching truth

“We have the truth” is an outstanding claim made by all members of cults. Cults cleverly equate the term “truth” in reference to their own organization. Through such conceited claims of being the “only true religion”, cult leaders manipulate their followers and their wallets into staying. For ADD members, the MCGI is the only place for truth seekers. ADD followers coin the word “truth” in contrast to other Churches, believing that all other forms of Christianity have been false, and that they are the only ones who have restored it to its truest form. This claim to “truth” is a red flag characteristic utilized by all cult leaders to instill an exclusiveness within their followers.

That God will shortly save them-(End time’s message)

The apocalyptic doctrine of the “last days” is extremely prevalent with all cults. Cult leaders constantly embed warnings of the impending arrival of the World (End Times) to recruit and retain loyal followers and their financial contributions. Out of fear, members are trapped into believing that their own salvation is based upon their membership with the organization of which they associate. Soriano and the ADD is known for this apocalyptic or End Time doctrine, and has been utilizing it for financial gain for many years. Soriano’s continued predictions that End is soon have proven false. Other cults using this trick include the Watch Tower and the SDA.

Having their own version of the Bible (Ang Dating Biblia)

Religious cults are known for fabricating their own translations of the Bible to support their own doctrines. For example, the Iglesia Ni Manalo cult has their own fabricated Lamsa Translation Bible while the Jehovah’s Witnesses (WTS) cult have their own New World Translation Bible. The Dating Daan is one most prime example of this cult characteristic. Through the “Ang Dating Biblia”, loyal ADD followers are tricked into believing this uneducated fabrication is scholarly and accurate.

Compare Acts 7:25 from the Ang Dating Biblia and the Interlinear Greek-English Bible

And Dating Biblia: “ In his mind, his brothers understood that God saved them through his hand. Nevertheless they did not understand”

The Interlinear Greek-English Bible:  “And he thought his brothers would understand that GOD would give them deliverance by his hand. But they did not understand.”(Acts 7:25).

Do you see the difference?  They are different because a comma was inserted after “In his mind “The whole meaning changes with the insert of the comma. Other version have no comma there.

And although it appears as though Dating Daan Members are knowledgeable about the Bible, behind the smoke and mirrors lies manipulated followers with highly selective use of Scriptures. Soriano intentionally train their followers to recite flag mark Scriptures which pertain only to their own doctrines. All religious cult leaders utilize this trick as a preventative measure, in fear of losing loyal followers to real Christianity, a place where no human liaison is required.


Generally, arguing doctrine is not a good strategy when trying to assist a Dating Daan member leave, particularly at first. What will happen is that you will end up in doctrinal disputes, lobbing different Scriptures at each other. The Bible is not a book that clearly outlines doctrine. Each Christian religion has different doctrinal interpretations, because each chooses which Scriptures to take literally and which to dismiss as figurative. Even if you succeed in cornering a Dating Daan Member, they will blame their lack of knowledge rather than admitting the Organization is wrong. 

It is only after a member has accepted that Soriano makes mistakes that doctrine becomes interesting to discuss, as Dating Daan teaching is simplistic and corrupted in many areas. 

A safe topic to discuss is the deception of believing Soriano is “the international evangelist, the acclaimed blogger, the humanitarian,” by ADD Members, and salvation depends on how people respond to Soriano’s message. Most people know nothing about Soriano, millions and millions have never even heard of him. A Dating Daan Member may respond that they don’t judge people, but the Dating Daan and its members are known for judging other faiths and personalities-often by Bad mouthing and outright hate.


All religious cults use religion for business purposes and that is why they are registered as corporations with National Governments. Soriano was born from a poor family and became rich through founding the church he founded and establishing all kinds of businesses by using church funds as capital and church /member properties and collateral. The building blocks of the esoteric money making machine known as the Ang Dating Daan should be of monumental interest to all Dating Daan members. This multi-billion dollar business empire is cleverly masquerading as a financially modest Christian religion. The business growth and success of the Dating Daan is phenomenal, and you will need to get the ADD member examine the following evidence where one can solidly conclude that Soriano utilize devious business schemes which are based on religion.

Tell the members about Soriano’s massive wealth which includes the following;

The Church of God International is owned by Soriano and is registered at the Phillipine Securities exchange.

Soriano own Morong Beach resort in Bataan

Church of God International

10-hectare fishpond

An  auto supply firm in, Parañaque City Called Morning Star

A farm in – Hermosa Bataan named ADD

DSR photo studio – Roosebelt Ave. Quezon City

DSR Ent. – Apalit Pampanga

ADD on life water refilling station – Sampaloc, Apalit Pampanga.

A fast food restaurant called LINAMNAM in Roosebelt Avenue in  Quezon City

EFS General Merchandising  in Sucat, Parañaque City

A POULTRY SUPPLY called in Apalit, Pampanga

ADD apartment in Apalit, Pampanga

Apart from that, Soriano owns expensive vehicles, and chunks of land in his name. How about lavish lifestyle he lived while in hiding in South America? Only the best for high ranking Dating Daan King Eli Soriano. Yes, the Dating Daan is in a win-win situation, cleverly devising masterful business schemes, while their followers are duped into thinking they are donating to grow the Church.

These savvy business schemes by Soriano continue to increase at the expense of followers
as a money making machine to be successful it is vital to have a good product and the Dating Daan’s product is undeniably saleable. Everyone wants to live in a new world filled with grandiose and paradisiacal conditions. All successful sales organizations also know the importance of keeping their customers loyal. The Dating Daan is exemplary in this business practice, loyalty at all costs. Loyal ADD followers will lie and hate people who disagree with to uphold and honor the Dating Daan cult, even forfeit their own lives. This unyielding loyalty keeps the Dating Daan coffers filled and Soriano runs with a smile on his face to his bank account.

Let the ADD member know that Soriano shamefully conceals his financial success and his money making schemes from loyal followers by forbidding tithing. The absurd thing is that his followers remain blind while Soriano continues to squeeze every penny from them through using money getting schemes like worship contributions, thanks giving contributions, frequent and periodic contributions plus contributions for mass indoctrination. All religious cults utilize this trick to amass wealth. The Watch Tower Society also utilizes this trick by deceiving followers that they are contributing to the World Wide Work through contribution boxes where money rolls in.

Soriano and the ADD, like Watch Tower leaders, in the efforts to deviate from tithing, boastfully profess that unlike other religions, they do not solicit for tithes. In this massive elitist bubble however, the ADD members do not realize that this is the very tricky tactic used by their leader Soriano to receive more financial contributions. There is no real difference between a collection plate from other churches  to a contribution/allowances sought from ADD members asking for support at the ADD Coordinating centres or at Indoctrination services. The only difference is the Soriano recognizes this humble approach is far more effective in the mass consumption of finances. Just how much money is taken in from these “contributions”, “allowances” or “thanks giving’s” and where does it all go? In Soriano’s bank account. Setting forth many methods to get contributions and allowances without any explanation as to the real reason for this clever business move does not matter to loyal ADD followers because they are willing to accept and obey any information that is given to them from their Leader Soriano. 

From this evidence one can solidly conclude that Soriano’s cult is cleverly masquerading as a Christian religion when they are a business empire. Just ask a Dating Daan Member, why would a church be registered as a corporation?


To succeed in getting a Dating Daan member leave the ADD, you need to use the logical method of asking questions because if you directly attack the cult or its teachings the member will be defensive. They will fiercely roll their eyes and will start reciting ADD justifications. There, you will not be helping them but strengthening their indoctrination. Soriano has indoctrinated them so much through the Mass Indoctrination services.

You will also not succeed in having them look at external information as Soriano has trained them to believe that outside information is false and only information coming from ADD is the truth. Rather, you will need to discuss a point of interest, and then get a quote from the ADD to prove what you are discussing. That way they will start to peruse further with an open mind. You can then go ahead and let the member look further to external information.

Likewise, knowing when to introduce scandalous topics, such Soriano’s rape cases and his approval of homosexuality is difficult. While these have led to an ADD break up group after noticing such behaviors from Soriano, if they are introduced too early you will be accused of being hateful and gullible. These topics require the person to be ready to read and accept information written outside the pages of the Dating Daan.

Stick to one topic at ago, and even one topic a day. Understand also that they have a habit of mixing issues and drifting to other topics. They will jump around and side track the discussion every time a difficult question or topic is raised. Remain firm in keeping the discussion inline, and demand an answer. Make sure they really answered the question before moving on to other issues. If a statement is made that you know is not true, make them support what they said with evidence. You are not trying to win an argument, but just to make them think. 

A common theme in ADD is that disagreeing with them is disagreeing with the Bible. You will need to regularly reinforce that the ADD contains just one interpretation of the Bible, one that you have found to be very simplistic and inaccurate-Sola Scripture. Tell them the origin of this doctrine as having originated from Luther. They may disagree that their way of interpreting the Bible doesn’t originate from Luther but reinforce your point. Many former ADD members still believe the Bible and in God, but do not want to follow what they have concluded is a damaging belief system in the ADD.

Whilst discussing various topics, you will sometimes find An ADD member being dogmatic that you are wrong about ADD teachings or history when you know you are not. Rather than telling them they are wrong, make them commit to that being an important point. If they bring other topics, remind them that is a good topic for another time, but stick to this topic. ADD members are often more affected finding out the dishonesty of Soriano than about his mistakes.

It is important to try not to get upset in the conversations, and that can be a lot harder than expected when being confronted with what you will quickly see as stubborn refusal to accept logic. Becoming upset just reinforces the ADD member’s notion that you are unhappy with where you are. Try to stay light hearted, calm, and happy. If things get heated, nothing will be accomplished, but to save the discussion for another day.


In this task, you are attempting to save some one from a cult and that is not an easy task as it is akin conversing with the devil. Keep in mind that you are not trying to win, you are assisting a person that is constantly indoctrinated and controlled. ADD members are inoculated against criticism of their group, therefore if you criticize their group, defences will come in handy. Be very humble in your first time approach as you initiate the discussion. If the discussions become heated and unreasonable you may not be successful and it is important to postpone the discussion for another time.

In case you succeed into helping a member leave, allow yourself to be there to support this person as at this time an ex-ADD member will feel lost and unable to fit in Society. Recognize that there is no rush. Plant the seeds and be there to offer support, so that when the time is right, you will be the one they turn to.

For further advice it is worth reading Releasing the Bonds (Freedom of Mind Press 2000) by Steven Hassan. This discusses high control religion in general and approaches to help a person that belongs to one.

May God bless you in this endeavor and please always pray for our brothers and sisters lost in these religious cults which present emotional and physical damage to all who consume their damnable and non-Biblical teachings.

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